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After touring through the north of the country, the present question is the following: And now where? We do want to have at least one more edition and the available solutions are; a visit to the south of Portugal, return to the city that has seen the project birth or go abroad to other countries. Anyways, the collection and exhibition will be always available to be presented as soon as some other home requests it. So, … since there will be one more edition, submitting artwork is still possible and here you have all the rules for it.

A very big thanks to all of you that made this project possible, to the artists my sincere regards and a special thanks to the artist and longtime friend Migvel Tepes as well to Fértil Cultural.

It will be an honor to have your participation on such event.
The main ideas of this mailart event call are: first, to provide artists the opportunity to show their work at Portugal and secondly to spread the concepts of mailart to other people by means of the exhibition and the workshop that will be held at the same place.

  1. The Mailart Event Call theme is desAMORES that could be translated as “unloves / unmatchable loves” and is a project created by the artist Monsenhor enVide neFelibata.
  2. All artwork should be mailed to the following address:
    Monsenhor enVide neFelibata
    R. do Falcão 369 3ºE.
    4300-181 Porto – Portugal
  3. No returns. Better yet… read number 5.
  4. This exhibition will tour through Portugal and the participants will be noticed of every one of them. Check out its AGENDA.
  5. Every exhibition will be complemented with a small workshop. At that workshop, artwork will be created and randomly mailed to exhibition participants.
  6. Free style, technique and media.
  7. Maximum size is 200x287mm.
  8. All the received and selected artwork will be used at all the following exhibitions and there is no limit for the amount of sent artwork per person.
  9. If sending e-mail art. Use the following address:
  10. Regarding this is an event mailart call for an exhibition. If you wish to post your artwork online before mailing, be free to do it. There’s no problem at all with it.
  11. An online place was created for the artwork collection display as well for the tour coverage.
  12. Additional information about the artist (profile picture / small bio about the artist and his relationship with MailArt / ArtByMail and website link) should be emailed to or by traditional snail mail. This information is important in order to create online and printed documentation for the exhibitions audience.
  13. Additional information about the submitted work (few words about the relationship of the submitted work with the theme “desAMORes”) should be emailed to or by traditional snail mail. This information is useful for the exhibition guided tours.
  14. Sender address may be digitally blurred for the online show (if asked to do so).
  15. Sender address may be temporally covered for the physical show (if asked to do so).
  • curator » Monsenhor enVide neFelibata
  • title / theme » desAMORes (literal translation: unloves / poetic translation: unmatchable loves)
  • organization »
  • check the CALENDAR for more information